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Sam & Castiel anytime, anywhere

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Name:Sam/Castiel fan creations and meta
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Sam and Castiel in any way, anytime, anywhere
This is a community for anything Sam/Castiel or Sam&Castiel. Fan fiction, fan vids, fan art, fan mixes, ship manifestos, on-topic discussion - bring them to us, precious!

Other pairings are OK too, as long as the focus of the fan work in cause is still on Sam and Castiel's interaction. Threesomes, crossovers, alternate universes - as long as Sam and Castiel are in the centre of it all, it's all good. ;)


Any spoilers for recent or unaired episodes must be placed behind a cut, please and thank you! A Dreamwidth cut just needs <cut text="WARNING for spoilers here">[spoilery contents]</cut>

Any graphics bigger than 200x400px should also be kindly placed under a cut. Use maximum one or two biggish things or three icon-sized images above the cut.

And for the love of angels, no flaming, character bashing or personal attacks! I've always been tempted by the banhammer, don't make me yield to temptation...


This is not a community for Real Person Fic, unless it's a crossover with Supernatural, and Sam/Castiel is the focus of it. I've nothing against RPF, it's just that there are a lot of other dedicated communities, while the Sam/Castiel focused ones are few. (There's a [ profile] sam_castiel community on LJ. I am not in any way affiliated with the mods there, I just wanted to have a Sam/Castiel playground on Dreamwidth.)

Temporary Note
I've just set this up, in the hopes that if you build it they'll come. ;-) Icon, layout to hopefully come later.

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castiel, castiel/sam, castiel/sam winchester, gen, sam winchester, sam winchester/castiel, sam/castiel, sam/castiel/dean, sam/dean/castiel, slash, supernatural, the apocalypse
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